Itinerary Design In The Era Of Technology. Un-earthing the “un-googleable”

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In this day and age, the internet is widely accepted as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom for our species– but there are some things that are still truly ‘un-google-able’. Through years of practice, determination, and passion for travel, we’ve built our expertise about international travel planning into something you just won’t find in search results (even if you’re desperate enough to click past page 1).

Our on-location offices in Japan and Taiwan allow us to get ‘boots on the ground’ for testing every aspect of our tours, down to finding the specific time of day that is best suited for enjoying every site, whether that means getting there early to avoid crowds or arriving at just the right time to catch the sunset. We taste every restaurant to ensure that we’re sharing only the best examples of a destination’s cuisine with our guests. We go off the beaten path and explore many sites that are just not well-known enough to find their way onto the English-language web. Indeed, many of our favorite on-tour experiences are almost impossible to find an English name for, let alone reviews, photos, and directions.

Kiyomizu-dera is a dramatically different experience when you take away the crowds

At famous heritage sites across the world, its difficult to be able to explore the site at your own pace and get the most out of your experience due to time constraints, long lines, and surging crowds. At Kiyomizu-dera, one of the many ‘must-see’ heritage sites in the Kansai region of Japan, we’ve arranged for our tours to arrive at the perfect time of day to avoid crowds, allowing our guests to take their time absorbing all the visual and aesthetic details of this incredible site. Having the freedom to walk through places like Kiyomizu-dera when they are nearly empty creates a enchanting atmosphere, completely different from the experience of visiting the same site at any other time.

Hot-stones are dropped into a bamboo vessel in this aboriginal Taiwanese cooking technique

Throughout Asia, there are countless locations whose names do not translate into English very easily, and without an English-friendly name its very difficult to even have a conversation about these places, and without conversation on a topic it will not show up in search results (after all you can’t search for something no one’s ever heard of!). On our Taiwan tours, we have the great fortune to be able to be invited into the home of a descendant of aboriginal Taiwanese tribespeople, where she cooks aboriginal food using traditional cooking techniques. This is a real treat, and a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you won’t find her on Yelp! For more information on this and other Taiwan food experiences, check out our Travel Weekly Magellan-award-winning  video, “On the Menu: Taiwan“.

Searching the internet for information about a travel destination is always a great place to start when planning a trip, but lest we forget: search results represent the lowest common denominator of information– the most commonly said, seen, and talked about aspects of travel– and nobody has time for a lowest common denominator sort of vacation. On our tours, we like to share truly unique experiences with our guests and exploring things that travelers wouldn’t otherwise know to explore.

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Get off the beaten path, go beyond the search results, and have an incredible trip.