• Location, Location, How to Make the Most Out of Your Stays
    Any avid traveler knows that accommodation can make or break your trip. When we first started traveling, we chose cheap places in an attempt to “save” money, regretting it time and time again. Today – through a lot of trial and error – we’ve got the know-how on choosing where to stay. Follow these tips … Continued
  • Traveling by Tastebud, How Food and Culture Are One and the Same
    Why do we care so much about food when traveling?
  • The River in the Desert
    When I told my 8-year-old son I was going on a trip to Egypt, he replied, “That is my life dream!” At first all I could think was, “You’re 8! How do you already have a life dream!?” But once I started to think about it, it was probably my dream around the age of … Continued
  • The Unique Culture of Peru’s Self-Sustaining Island
    Peru, nestled on South America’s Pacific Coast, is an atmospheric country dripping with ancient legends, culture, and natural beauty everywhere you look. Traveling to Peru with Supera Tours opened my eyes to a world of culture. Sure, I knew about all the country’s famed alpacas, communities in the Amazon, and the incredible Machu Picchu, but … Continued
  • The Otherworldly Charm of Cappadocia in Turkey
    A country of deep archaeological and historical wonders, straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a masterpiece. After just one day in Turkey, I was already smitten. But after two weeks? It was love, no doubt. Needless to say, traveling leaves an impression on all of us so lucky to do it, but there are … Continued


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