Special Update: 2016 Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour Photos

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Everyone has been incredibly busy these days! Here’s a live update to share some beautiful photos of our special Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour (going on right now) from our guides Akira and Junko.

Sapporo Ice Sculpture
The first thing you might notice as you arrive in Sapporo are the beautiful ice sculptures which can even be found along the streets of the city.


Watching the King Penguin March
The March of the Penguins is very popular!


Akira - Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival
Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival


Santouka Ramen
*SLURP* – Santouka Ramen from the original restaurant!


Otaru Night Tour (6)
The canals of Otaru are beautiful during our night tour.


Sashimi Snow Dome
Sashimi Snow Dome


Snow Festival Ice Sculpture (2)
Snow Festival Ice Sculpture – Wow


Snow Festival Ice Sculpture
Bullet Train – Snow Festival Ice Sculpture


Unfortunately fishes are frozen and dead - maybe still edible
“Unfortunately fish are frozen and dead – maybe still edible”
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