New Japan Brochures are here!

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Every fall, tour operators around the world release the following year’s brochures. This is a particular exciting time because for both the tour company and the consumer because we get to see what new and special trips are being released. Super Value Tours has just finished our 2015 Japan brochure with our Taiwan and Indochina brochures coming soon. We’re really excited because this brochure includes more detailed information about the tour itineraries and sites in Japan. The brochure also highlights the incredible hotels and culinary experiences on tour.

The process for a new brochure begins several months in advance by acquiring current photography and information. We sent our marketing team to Japan in 2014 to capture updated photos and videos. Our operations team then carefully outlines the itineraries and selects the best meals and hotels for 2015. Once we have all the photos and content, our graphic design team goes to work to create several different cover and layout options to consider. Once a version is chosen, we select the paper type and size and send it to our print house for proofs:

Brochure Proofs

Proofs for Super Value’s Japan Brochure!

After combing through the content for accuracy, we sign off on the proofs. Our printer then goes to work printing all the copies we need to send to travel agencies and customers. Here’s the final version:





You can view a complete digital copy of our brochure here. Do you look forward to new brochures each year?



If you would like to request a copy of our brochure, please email or call 877-388-1777 and we will mail you a copy.

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      Super Value Tours

      Dear Mr. Skiba,

      Thanks for your comment! We will be getting in touch with you shortly via email for your mailing address to send out some brochures. Please keep an eye out.

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    andy lai

    Kindly send me the brochures asap! i have booked an April tour with your company and would like to see something on print prior to the trip! Thanks.

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      Super Value Tours

      Dear Andy,

      Thanks for your post! We would be happy to send those out to you. One of our colleagues will get in touch soon! Please keep an eye out in your email inbox.

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