Must-Try Experiences in Beijing, Xian and Sichuan

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Beijing, the capital city of China, has an endless amount of experiences to offer any traveler.  The first stand out experience is exploring Tiananmen Square.

T Square

The square is the largest public square in the world and the site of several key events in China’s history. It’s a half mile long and over a quarter mile wide, the gargantuan scale is hard to imagine for many people until they have a chance to see it in person. At maximum capacity, this famous square can contain over 100 million people simultaneously.

Forbidden City
Entrance to the Forbidden City

Adjacent to Tienanmen Square is the Forbidden City.  Twenty-four emperors resided and ruled here for over  500 years. The Forbidden City is also the largest collection of ancient wooden structures in the world.
Forbidden City2
Forbidden City3

When Super Value tours visits both Tienanmen square and the forbidden city, we make sure to design our visit to avoid crowds and visit in the morning.


Then of course, the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall1

When most people think of the great wall, they think of a tranquil setting for guests to enjoy a leisurely walk. And with the right planning, this is true. There are many sections of the great wall that can be visited and it’s important that you pay attention to the section being visited as well as the time of day.


Because if you’re not careful, the experience can be much different- with massive CROWDS.

Great Wall Crowds

We don’t want anyone’s experience to be like this so we take extra precaution and visit the least commercialized and best preserved section of the wall at Mutianyu. Here guests have many options to explore the wall.

You can take a cable car…

Great Wall Cable Car

You can take a chair lift…

Great Wall Chair Lift

Or even toboggan down the wall.

Great Wall Tobogan




The first must do experience is the Terracotta Warriors! The life-sized Terracotta (clay) warriors date back over 2,000 years. The delicately carved figures include warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, and even musicians, each with different expressions and unique faces. When we visit, we make sure to coordinate a unique route that goes against the crowds, to allow a more intimate experience.

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army2


Next, in Xian are the Ancient City Walls. A main feature of the Xian City Wall lies in the fact that they have been well preserved, which is rarely seen elsewhere in the world. The walls have corner towers, ramparts, sentry towers, gate towers. The top of the walls have become a playground of sort, offering excellent views. On our tour we even have the opportunity to bike along the walls.

Xian City Walls1

Xian City Walls2.jpg


If you’re short on time, you can enjoy all of the above experiences in Beijing and Xian on our 7 Day Ancient China Tour.

However, if you have more travel time, the sites of Sichuan are a must do!


First, the Huanglong scenic area offers incredible scenery including the tiered Terracotta Lakes.Huanglong1

Aerial view of Terracotta Lakes, Huanglong, Sichuan


Second, is Jiuzhaigou National Park. Jiuzhaigou is very famous throughout China as a natural wonder. The park contains many sites throughout 3 different valleys. It’s also an extremely popular destination for local Chinese people. We’ve taken a significant amount of care in order to design our visit. Instead of having to use the public shuttles, we have a private bus with a specific route designed to avoid crowds and appreciate the scenery at its prime time based on weather, lighting & crowds.

Some must see sites in the park include Nuorilang Falls …

Nuorilang Falls, Jiuzhaigou National Park


Also, the Five Colored Lake, this lake is also sometimes called the Five Flowered Lake.

Jiuzhaigou National Park, Five Colored Lake
Five Colored Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan

Finally, the last area we visit in Sichuan is Chengdu– which is home to China’s most adorable residents- the pandas! Chengdu Panda Reserve is the largest panda sanctuary in the world and a must see for all first time visitors to China.


Luckily, our 12 Day Golden China Tour includes ALL of the previously mentioned must see and must do’s. See all of our China Tours here and visit to see all of our tours throughout Asia.


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