Japan opens your heart and mind like few places can…see how

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While you might be at your desk or on your phone you can still spend 2 minutes in Japan. Just click the image below and enjoy!

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Filming This Video

We shot this video on our Japan Classics Tour in May 2014. Our goal was to showcase how special not only Japan is, but also how much care and thought go into our tours. We wanted to highlight the visually stunning sites of Japan while also capturing the Super Value Tour experience. We also chose to emphasize the many culinary experiences enjoyed throughout the tour including: Kaiseki banquets, shabu shabu, kamameshi, and of course real Kobe beef. We’re proud of the restaurants we present while on tour and this video makes us want to jump on a plane immediately just for the food!

Of course, where we sleep is important as well. All of our tours feature centrally located 4 & 5 star hotel accommodations. The hospitality at the hotels and from the Japanese people in general is very welcoming and friendly. The service level is truly impeccable. Additionally, we also stay at 2 Japanese style “Ryokans” or Japanese Inns. These are where you see our guests dressed in Yukata robes and enjoying their multi course dinner and Karaoke.

Our fun and comfortable transportation is also something we like to provide our guests. In this video we see our guests travel by bullet train, coach, and even water taxi. We believe having a variety of transportation allows everyone to fully experience the destination.

Overall, the beauty of the Japanese landscape, sites, and people combine to open our guests hearts to new experiences and traveling in the Super Value Tours style allows for an amazing tour.

Have you been to Japan before? Would you want to travel in this style?