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You did it! You went on an amazing tour and have hundreds of photos to show off your wonderful experience. Often times, sorting through photos and organizing the sequence of events with the photos can be a challenge. The good news is there’s a website and an app for iphone that can organize your tour experience and photos as you go- Bonjournal helps you collect all the moments, stories and photos of your journey into a single, beautiful narrative. A guest who joined our sister company, Signet Tours, used the app throughout their Japan Classics tour in 2013. The result is very detailed and provides excellent insight in to the tour’s daily activity. Here is a screen shot of visiting the Owakudani Valley on tour:

Magic Eggs

Have a look at their complete tour experience here.

If you would like to use bonjournal throughout your tour, there are 2 ways to access the tool.

Web version:

iOS App:


*fyi: Super Value Tours and Signet Tours are sister companies, where Super Value has tours in English and Signet has tours in Mandarin.

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    Beijing Traveler

    This is great. I will use this application on my next trip to Japan.