Foodie picks from the Japan Classics Tour

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It’s no secret we LOVE delicious food and restaurants with great ambiance. Here are the top picks (for now) from our Japan Classics Tour.

Yakiniku-Japanese BBQ

Yakiniku broadly means “grilled meat” in Japanese and is a welcome experience on
tour. A built in grill at your table allows you to roast the marinated beef,
chicken or pork to your desired level before enjoying right off the grill. The
interactive meal will not only eliminate hunger but also make your taste buds happy.

Served on day 9 of the Japan Classics Tour 

Sashimi Set
Kobe Beef
Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is considered the epitome of fine dining by meat lovers.
Internationally known as a delicacy, the meat’s well marbled texture, flavor and
extreme tenderness will leave you with nothing but pure satisfaction. The meal
is served teppanyaki style where the chef prepares the beef and acompanying 
vegetables in front of you. Bean sprouts, garlic chips and salad allow the luxuriousbeef to truly shine, and your mouth to smile.


Taste on day 6 of the Japan Classics Tour 

Vegetarian Delight

The Vegetable Bento Box is enjoyed at the Miho Art Museum just outside Kyoto. All
ingredients are grown onsite in the museum’s garden, where the mountainous
region provides seasonal vegetables all year long. The museum restaurant’s chef
makes a short presentation explaining the dish’s special organic ingredients.


Served on day 7 of the Japan Classics Tour 

Vegetarian Delight
Italian buffet on Lake Ashi
Italian buffet on Lake Ashi

After exploring the Mt. Fuji area, take in a beautiful view over Lake Ashi while
tasting a delicious array of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Our Italian
buffet lunch is a change of pace from traditional cooking styles and gives you
a taste of modern Japanese cooking trends.

Taste on day 4 of the Japan Classics Tour