Why is Ha Long Bay so famous? and what’s there to do?

The legendary status of Ha Long Bay in the national memory of the Vietnamese people beacons to an ancient defensive battle against invaders from the north. The Jade Emperor saw the peril of the Vietnamese people and sent a Mother Dragon and her children to defend the country. The mighty dragons swooped down from the heavens and landed in the sea. They defeated the invaders by breathing fire and throwing enormous jade and emerald boulders into the sea, forming an indestructible protective wall.

The invaders were unable to maneuver their ships away from the wall, and so were dashed against it and destroyed. Thanks to the dragons, peace and tranquility were restored to Vietnam. The dragons chose to transform into humans and remain in the mortal world in order to help build the growing country. To show their appreciation, the Vietnamese people named the bay “Ha Long Bay” in honor of the dragons. After thousands of years, the solid emerald wall became the multitude of verdant green islets that dot the bay today.

Panoramic View of the Bay From the Top of Titop Island

Ha Long Bay is located in Northern Vietnam, near the China/Vietnam border. The region’s unique geology developed during the late Pleistocene epoch about 68,000 years ago, as the limestone bedrock was eroded by the elements, leaving behind the thousands of iconic islets we see today. Several of the islets were hollowed out by this same erosion process, leaving enormous caves and grottoes hidden among the dense jungle vegetation.

A Treasure For The World

Ha Long Bay became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994 and is one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam. It was previously named One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World by TRAVEL + LEISURE. With thousands of limestone islands rising out of an emerald green sea, Halong Bay is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful of Vietnam’s many national treasures.

A Better Way To Tour

Many tour companies only visit the bay for a few hours, but we know that the best way to experience it is to stay overnight and appreciate the bay’s calm, misty mornings. When touring Vietnam with Supera Tours, an overnight Paradise cruise on Ha Long Bay is included at the beginning of the tour. While many tour companies only visit the bay for a few hours, we know it’s important to stay the night – especially to appreciate the bay’s calm misty mornings. Arriving on-board in the early afternoon, you’ll be able to experience many included excursions while on the ship- such as seeing the Cave of Surprises and walking up to the best view points along the bay.

Additionally: kayaking, a Vietnamese cooking class and morning Tai Chi session are also included, ensuring a truly special experience of Ha Long Bay.