What’s the Best Way to Get Around Taiwan?

Friendly, warm, modern yet deep rooted in rich history, Taiwan welcomes travelers with open arms. But what’s the best way to travel around this country?

We always love to include the best variety of transportation on all of our tours, so our guests can experience travel as locals would. Each route is always carefully designed while being mindful of comfort, sightseeing, and efficiency for our guests.

Specifically in the countryside of Taiwan, rail is one of the best ways to get around the island. This is due to the unique geography of the island; the center is dominated by windy, slow-going, mountain roads which makes driving quite tiring without adding much value. In most cases, train travel in Central and Southern Taiwan can get us to our destinations much more quickly despite sometimes being less direct than some highways. Of course, this enables us to have time to enjoy more sightseeing and exploration.

Modern Train on Elevated Tracks in Taiwan

With train travel anywhere, one downside is each car may not have a lot of room for luggage. There are some compartments for large suitcases, but not enough for everyone, especially if all guests were to bring two large pieces. Trains do have overhead bins to store carry-on size bags. In order to solve this problem on our Taiwan Island itinerary, we have our bus travel alongside to deliver luggage to our guests each night. If possible, a small sized suitcase is recommended, just to make logistics a bit easier. However, to be clear, an overnight bag is not required, we do not have a firm restriction on the amount of luggage our guests may bring on tour.

Another point worth mentioning is the level of service in Taiwan. Whether you’re traveling by train or sitting in a restaurant, the level of service is always high. For Taiwanese people, hospitality is extremely important. Talk to someone who’s been to Taiwan and you’ll often hear about the sincere warmth and friendliness of the people.