Supera Tours Guest is Taiwan’s 10 Millionth Traveler!!

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On December 20th, Taiwan welcomed its 10 millionth traveler for 2015! The traveler, Mr. Christopher Manuele, was also joining our 10 Day Taiwan Island Tour! Mr. Manuele was greeted by officials from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and awarded prizes valued at 1 Million NTD (about $30,000 USD) including travel accommodations, airfare and souvenirs from 22 different cities and counties. Reaching 10 Million travelers is an important achievement for the nation and to mark the occasion, Taiwan Tourism Bureau hosted a special ceremony which was also attended by Taiwan’s President, Ma Ying-jeou.

Christopher and Tina Manuele with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's Mascot and Prizes
Christopher and Tina Manuele with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Mascot and Prizes
Ceremony with Taiwan Tourism Officials
Manuele with SVT Flags
Christopher and Tina with Super Value Tours and Signet Tour Guides