How to Take the Airport Limousine Bus in Tokyo

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If you’re arriving early in Tokyo on your own before joining one of our Japan tours, the first transportation you will need will be from the airport to Tokyo. Narita Airport is about 1.5 hours outside central Tokyo. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get to the city is the Airport Limousine Bus. While many countries will encourage travelers to use taxis, this is not the case in Japan as taxis are among the most expensive in the world. A taxi from Narita Airport to Tokyo would cost over $200 USD.

No advance reservations are needed when taking the Airport Limousine Bus. Upon entering the arrival lobby after baggage claim, please look for the orange Airport Limousine counter where you may purchase your tickets. Simply tell the attendant which hotel or area you are going to and they will refer you to your boarding point and provide an information map. You may also purchase return tickets to the airport as well.Airport Limousine counter

Below is an example of the tickets. The tickets will indicate your bus stop number and boarding time as well as your destination. You can count on the buses in Japan to arrive on schedule. The average cost is about 3,100 Yen or roughly $25USD for a one-way ticket.


Once you receive your tickets, you’ll be directed to just outside the airport doors where buses and stop numbers are clearly indicated. Once arriving at your proper stop, the attendants will advise you where to wait.

airport limousine stop

Once your bus arrives, the attendants will also assist you with your luggage. There is no need to tip the attendants as tipping in Japan is not common or expected. You then board the bus for the ride to your destination. Depending on traffic, you can expect to arrive between 75 – 105 minutes after your departure from Narita Airport. To find exact fares, visit the Official Airport Limousine Bus Website.