Japan On The Menu: Six Dining Experience Not To Miss

At Supera Tours, we take our food very seriously – we only want to share the best and most authentic cuisine with our guests. We call our approach: travel by taste buds.

Trying new and unfamiliar foods is one of the most incredible parts of what makes travel so special, and we work hard to ensure a well balanced variety of delicious meals on each of our Japan tours. Here are a few of our meals and the tours where you can try each dish.


These days, high quality sashimi can be enjoyed around the world, but having the chance to enjoy great sashimi in Japan is a true experience! Sashimi is very fresh raw fish, carefully sliced into thin pieces and paired with unique ingredients to enhance the flavor and texture of the fish. Sashimi is considered one of the finest dishes in Japanese formal dining.

photo of sashimi in japan
CC BY Jeremy Keith (flickr.com/adactio)

Try this on our Japan Classics, Japan Kanto and Japan Kansai Tours.


Tonkatsu, or fried pork cutlet, was introduced to Japan by Portuguese traders in the 19th century. Since then Tonkatsu has been transformed into a uniquely Japanese dish. These days, to qualify as good Tonkatsu, the cutlet must be prepared with a perfectly crispy crust while keeping the meat juicy and moist on the inside, all while staying light yet flavorful at the same time.

photo of a tonkatsu plateCC BY SA Michael Saechang (flickr.com/saechang)

Try this on our Japan Classics, Japan Kanto and Japan Kansai Tours.

Hokkaido Crab Feast

For people who live in Japan, you can’t talk about seafood without talking about Hokkaido. One of the biggest draws of Hokkaido seafood is crab, which the area is famous for since it is fresh, delicious, and plentiful! Seafood is a specialty throughout Hokkaido, and the crab feast in Sapporo is no exception. The crab is prepared several different ways including grilled, boiled, sashimi, and even in crab soup.hokkaido crab

Try this on one of our Hokkaido Tour.

Teppanyaki Omi Beef

wagyu beef
CC BY Jiashiang (flickr.com/wangjs)

Teppanyaki, or iron griddle cooking, is a great interactive way of food preparation where your steak is prepared right before your eyes. It will take all your self-control to keep from eating straight off the griddle! Recently emerging on the Japanese food scene as a rival to Kobe beef, Omi beef is one of the highest-quality varieties of beef in Japan. Raised in Shiga prefecture, it is rich in flavor with an incredible texture that melts in the mouth. 

Try this on our Japan Classics and Japan Kansai Tours.


The name of this dish translates to “kettle rice.” The dish of rice directly cooked in a kettle served alongside a garnish of fish, meats and vegetables. This hearty meal is delicious, yet rarely found outside Japan. The ingredients cook at the same time as the rice, thus infusing their flavor into the rice itself. Soy sauce, sake or mirin are added for flavor.

kamameshi,  literally translates to "kettle rice" and is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called a kama.
CC BY Zengame (flickr.com/zengame)

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Kaiseki Banquet

Japanese people say you should eat with your eyes as well as your mouth, and the beautiful attention to detail in preparing the multi-course Kaiseki Banquet is a great representation of this philosophy. Traditionally only served to royalty, a Kaiseki banquet is a multi course dinner of many small plates. The banquet is considered an art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food.You can enjoy Kaiseki Banquets on the majority of our Japan Tours.

kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.

Try this on our Japan Classics, Japan Kanto and Japan Kansai Tours.