Finding Paradise in the Vibrant Buzz of Vietnam

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When we think of Vietnam, we often imagine bustling places like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi with motorcycles navigating their way through busy streets, vendors selling all sorts of fresh treats, and sensory overload at every corner. While this is delightful in many ways, it can be overwhelming. That’s why a bit of relaxation is key to a fantastic trip to Vietnam, and you’ll find it on the insanely idyllic beaches of Da Nang.

I first discovered the luxury of this place during a tour with my wife. We were staying at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, located on the shores of the picturesque Non Nuoc Beach. From the moment we saw the resort and walked through the airy reception, we were floored. There was something in the air, filling our tummies with excitement.

Soon after, I remember opening the door to our suite and being instantly greeted with insane views. We were honestly left speechless. We looked at each other, our eyes gleaming, and then we turned back to face the impeccable view. Sturdy palm trees gently swayed as the sun illuminated the pure white sand. Crystal blue waters calmly waved at the shoreline and the ocean slowly turned into a background of hanging mountains and clear blue skies.

You know those brochures or posters you see at travel agencies? It was like that. Ok, don’t get me wrong… oftentimes the brochure version of a destination creates this false expectation, but with Da Nang, it’s absolutely legit. You get more than what you see in the photos, and that’s rare.

When it comes to Da Nang, the beaches take center stage. Whether we were enjoying the beauty from our lush balcony at the Hyatt or stepping our toes on powder-like sand, these beaches whisper – they don’t scream – luxury and relaxation. And that’s why it was the perfect resting spot during the halfway point of our trip to Vietnam.

You see, Vietnam has a very go-go-go vibe about it. While that energy is one of the things I love most about this country, it’s not sustainable for an entire trip. That’s where slow travel comes in. This concept of taking your time and appreciating even the smallest moments is so essential in Vietnam. We pro travelers know that we need time to reflect, recharge, and appreciate.

Essentially, if you don’t pace yourself, you can lose that much-needed reflection time. To fully appreciate a trip to Vietnam – or any place – you have to be there mentally. The bittersweet problem? Sensory overload creeps up and steals the show. That’s why balance is so important – and posting up at these stunning beaches and exploring the resort did just the trick.

Every moment felt so peaceful. One evening, we ate incredible seafood and fresh Vietnamese dishes from an open-air restaurant. The patio was lit by red-toned Vietnamese lanterns and the warm ocean breeze ever-so-often brushed past us. When it comes to a topical beachfront dinner, this spot at the Hyatt was everything we could have asked for and more.

And not to keep going on and on about this resort, but even the staff blew me away. Whether they spoke English or not, we found a way to communicate and kindness was always at the forefront.

For example, my wife was soaking up some time at the spa, so I was relaxing at a modernly designed Vietnamese cafe in the center of the resort. I was sipping Vietnamese coffee and was curled up with a book while enjoying the fresh morning air. A server came by to check on me, and we began to chat. As it happens, we were struggling to speak each other’s languages. Despite this obstacle, we communicated very well. It seemed that we understood each other in some deeper way, beyond verbal vocabulary. We spoke of travel and he told me how he deeply wants to visit the US. Sometimes people and moments – as simple as they are – leave a deep and lasting impression. That conversation did that for me.

Thanks to Da Nang’s kind energy, the sweeping beauty of its pristine beaches, and the luxury of the Hyatt, this is a place I will also yearn to return to. (And I already have!) That’s the beauty of travel. We don’t always have to go somewhere new, sometimes it’s nice to return to comfort. And that’s something Da Nang knows all too well. The place is full of comfort and beauty, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Vietnam city life.

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