Soar Into Lunar New Year Travel: 4 Dragon Touched Destinations Not To Miss In 2024

At our Taiwanese-American founded company of travel bugs, the Lunar New Year is a special time for our team.

As we enter the year of the dragon, we’re extra excited to share our four favorite destinations around the world touched by dragons in local folklore and legends.

sun moon lake on a beautiful sunny day with partial cloud covering and turquoise waters

Ⅰ. Taiwan | Dragons of Sun Moon Lake

In the heart of Taiwan lies the Sun Moon Lake, home to the indigenous Thao tribe and a legend that tells a tale of dragons.

It is a place where an ancient legend of love, bravery, and hope still lives on. The story tells of two young lovers who embarked on a perilous journey to reclaim the sun and the moon from the clutches of two fearsome dragons. These dragons had stolen the heavenly bodies from the sky as toys, plunging the world into an endless night of darkness and despair. But the young couple’s courage and determination shone brighter than any sun or moon, and they succeeded in their quest, bringing light back to the world.

The Sun Moon Lake is not just a place of breathtaking beauty, but a testament to the human spirit’s power to overcome even the darkest of times.

10 days 8 nights | Departures: Mar – Dec

gokayama japan

Ⅱ. Japan | Rising Dragon Road

Traverse Japan’s Shoryudo, the “Road of the Rising Dragon.”

This path is laden with hidden gems and steeped in dragon lore. The region is rich with legends and myths about dragons. Shrines still preserve the tradition of drawing water from the sacred pond of the Dragon God, and carrying it back to drought-stricken fields without spilling a drop, to water the fields and pray for rain.

This journey takes you through mountain hot springs, pristine nature, and timeless historic sites, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

10 days 8 nights | Departures: May, Jul – Oct

ha long bay

Ⅲ. Vietnam | Guardians of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is not only a breathtakingly beautiful place, but also one that is steeped in a rich mythological history. According to legend, during a time of war, the Vietnamese people were in desperate need of protection against invaders. The Jade Emperor, in his infinite wisdom, called upon the Mother Dragon and her children to help. The dragons descended from the heavens and fought valiantly, using their fiery breath to defeat the enemy. Their breath turned into emeralds upon hitting the sea, forming a protective barrier against future invasions.

These emeralds eventually transformed into the thousands of limestone islands and islets that make up Ha Long Bay today. But what’s truly touching is that after their victory, the dragons chose to stay on Earth in human form to help the Vietnamese people prosper. Their love and dedication to the people of Vietnam is evident in every inch of this magical place. It’s impossible not to feel deeply moved when you visit Ha Long Bay and witness the beauty and power of this incredible legend come to life.

Learn more about this itinerary from our blog on finding paradise in the vibrant buzz of Vietnam.

10 days 8 nights | Departures: Feb – Apr, Sep – Dec

iceland waterfall

Ⅳ. Iceland | Keeper of Treasures

In Iceland, the legacy of dragons is etched into the very landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s folklore. These tales of dragons are allegorical accounts that taught the people to respect both the spirits of the land and the natural environment. The echoes of these dragons resonate with the roar of Iceland’s magnificent waterfalls, a testament to the age of Viking explorers.

Come and explore the land of fire and ice, where the stories of dragons and explorers will fuel your adventurous spirit.

12 days 10 nights | Departures: Jun – Jul

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