Why the Great Wall is worth seeing Twice

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THE. GREAT. WALL. Even the name is impressive. Stretching over 13,000 miles long, the Great Wall of China is one of the world’s most unforgettable and not-to-be-missed travel experiences. Stoic watchtowers, serpentine walkways, and outstanding views: these are some of the things that may come to mind when thinking about the structure. However, what most people don’t realize or expect is that the Wall is one of many moods and personalities depending on which part is visited. Case in point: Mutainyu Wall vs. Simatai Wall.

The Mutainyu Wall section is located 40 miles north of Beijing and is the preferred wall for those in-the-know who want to escape the crowds. This 3.4 mile stretch is known for its pristine, well-restored condition and ease of exploring. Surrounded by dense forest and other beautiful nature, it can be experienced by foot, cable car, and even by luge!

Simatai Wall, on the other hand, is known as the “Wild Wall,” and rightly so. This section of the wall has been left in an unrestored state, so visitors get to experience its original appearance. Travelers can explore via an open-air gondola ride or hike by foot. Resting the base of this wall is Gubei Water Town, a resort where visitors can experience old-fashioned village life in a town filled with canals and classic Chinese-style architecture.

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