Discover the Sweet Side of Japan

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Japanese desserts are a reflection of the culture. Like most Japanese crafts, great care goes into their creation. Try any Japanese dessert and you will discover that they are delicately prepared and completely delicious. The three examples below are sure to excite your sweet tooth. 



1. Yatsuhashi: In Japan, souvenirs are often edible. Yatsuhashi is a popular souvenir sweet in Kyoto made out of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon. Often served with red bean paste filling, these declious treats just might be the gift you keep for yourself. Discover an assortment of Yatsuhashi on our Japan Kansai Tour.



2. Taiyaki: Taiyaki is a fish shaped cake filled with “azuki” sweet bean paste. You will be faced with the difficult decision of how to properly enjoy Taiyaki. Start at the tail and save the filling in the head for the end or start at the head and indulge in the filling first. The choice is yours on our Japan Kanto Tour!

Ice Cream


3. Ice Cream Flavors: Ice cream flavors in Japan take on a life of their own with unusual flavors ranging from squid ink to soy sauce to jellyfish! You can try them all on our Japan Classics Tour.

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